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Analysis Situs has academic roots. It was initially developed with the target to present CAD modeling principles to the community of Ph.D. students during the workshop on computational geometry. The idea of the software was straightforward: the user interactively picks a boundary element in the viewer to analyze the underlying geometric and topological structures. The following picture is the early-stage illustration of the principle:

Subsequent development of the software was driven by the Ph.D. work of its authors. Our research group lacked a software which would allow for easy prototyping of geometric algorithms based on precise B-Rep technique. We found that such software packages exist for mesh modeling (OpenFlipper and MeshLab are among the most famous ones) while literally, nothing similar existed for CAD modeling. The prototyping software had to possess the following qualities:

The following list enumerates the main milestones of this story (you can read more stories here).

ver. 0.1.4 (year 2016)

ver. 0.2.6 (year 2018)