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Test data for BRS algorithm

On this page, you can find the CAD models in BREP and STEP formats which are used for the development of BRS (Blends Recognition and Suppression) algorithm.

You can find the test data online or in the data/cad/blends directory locally after you clone the repository of Analysis Situs.

File Preview Description
0001_3boxesblend_01.brep Isolated convex blend.
0002_3boxesblend_02.brep Isolated concave blend.
0003_3boxesblend_03.brep Isolated convex and concave blends.
0004_3boxesblend_04.brep Isolated convex blends.
0005_3boxesblend_05.brep Blend chains of different radii.
0006_3boxesblend_06.brep Complex blend chains.
0007_boxblend_01.brep Isolated blend. This is possibly the simplest configuration of blends.
0008_boxblend_02.brep Simple EBF-EBF chain.
0009_boxblend_03.brep Non-conformal EBF-EBF chain.
0010_boxblend_04.brep Three EBF faces meeting at vertex blend.
0011_b_boxblend.brep Blend chain with convex and concave EBF faces meeting at vertex blends.
0012_boxblend_04_upper_chain.brep Extracted chain faces.
0013_bb_boxblend_01.brep Three EBF faces meeting at 4-corners vertex blend.
0014_bb_boxblend_02.brep Three EBF faces meeting at 3-corners vertex blend.
0015_bb_boxblend_03.brep Two custom blend chains.
0016_bb_boxblend_04.brep Two custom blend chains.
0017_boxblend_05.brep Three EBF faces with different radii meeting at one vertex blend.
0018_boxblend_06.brep Two custom blend chains.
0019_boxblend_08.brep Three EBF faces meeting at one vertex blend. Two EBF faces have identical radii, while the third one has a different radius.
0020_boxblend_09.brep Simple box with all edges blended (different-radii EBF faces).
0021_boxblend_10.brep Simple box with two blend chains.
0022_boxblend_11.brep Simple box with two isolated blends.
0023_circular_blend_01.brep Two circular blends.
0024_circular_blend_02.brep Custom part with circular blends.
0025_customblend_01.brep Extracted region with custom blend chain.
0026_customblend_02.brep Custom part with blends.
0027_customblend_03.brep Custom part with blends.
0028_customblend_04.brep Custom part with blends.
0029_customblend_05.brep Custom part with circular blends.
0030_customblend_06.brep Extracted blended region of a test part by NIST.
0031_grabcad_crankshaft_pavan-patil.brep Custom part with blends.
0032_isolated_blends_test_01.brep Custom part with three isolated blends.
0033_isolated_blends_test_02.brep Custom part with isolated blends.
0034_isolated_blends_test_03.brep Custom part with one invalid face.
0035_isolated_blends_test_04.brep Custom part with isolated blends.
0036_isolated_blends_test_05.brep Test part CTC 2 by NIST.
0037_isolated_blends_test_06.brep Big custom part with blends.
0038_nist_ctc_01_asme1_ap242.brep Test part CTC 1 by NIST.
0039_isolated_blends_test_08.brep Custom part with blends.
0040_isolated_blends_test_09.brep Custom part with blends.
0041_isolated_blends_test_09_colored.stp Custom colored part with blends.
0042_isolated_blends_grabcad_part3.stp Custom part with blends.
0043_204211_grabcad-traceparts.stp Custom part with blends.
0044_bb_boxblend_03_colored.stp Custom colored part with blends.
0045_bb_boxblend_03_colored_mirrored.stp Custom colored part with blends.
0046_boxblend_01_colored.stp Simple colored box with one isolated blend.
0047_boxblend_11_colored.stp Simple colored box with two isolated blends.
0048_cable_tie_slot_10_v6_colored.step Custom colored part with blends.
0049_control_arm.step Custom part with blends.
0050_extruder_drive_grabcad.stp Custom part with blends.
0051_flipping_joystick_assembly.stp Custom part with blends.
0052_forklift_seat_grabcad.stp Custom part with blends.
0053_grabcad_part19.stp Custom part with blends.
0054_isolated_blends_test_30_colored.stp Custom colored part with blends.
0055_isolated_blends_test_10.brep Custom part with blends.
0056_isolated_blends_test_11.brep Custom part with blends.
0057_isolated_blends_test_12.brep Sheet metal part.
0058_isolated_blends_test_12.stp Custom colored part with blends.
0059_isolated_blends_test_13.brep Custom part with blends.
0060_isolated_blends_test_13_noloc.brep Custom part with blends and nullified location.
0061_isolated_blends_test_14.brep Custom part with blends.
0062_isolated_blends_test_15.brep Simple part with blends at corners.
0063_isolated_blends_test_15_colored.stp Simple colored part with blends at corners.
0064_isolated_blends_test_16.brep Simple part with blends.
0065_isolated_blends_test_17.brep Custom part with blends.
0066_isolated_blends_test_18.brep Custom part with blends.
0067_isolated_blends_test_19.brep Custom part with blends.
0068_isolated_blends_test_20.brep Custom part with blends.
0069_isolated_blends_test_21.brep Profile part.
0070_isolated_blends_test_22.brep Sheet metal part.
0071_isolated_blends_test_23.brep Custom part with blends.
0072_isolated_blends_test_24.brep Rectangular tube.
0073_isolated_blends_test_25.brep Custom part with blends.
0074_isolated_blends_test_25_piece.brep Smaller region of the custom part #0073 with a rounded feature. Naive suppression of the round will yield self-intersections in the contour of the base face.
0075_isolated_blends_test_26.brep Custom part with blends.
0076_isolated_blends_test_27.brep Simple part with blends at corners.
0077_isolated_blends_test_28.brep Custom part with blends.
0078_isolated_blends_test_29.brep Custom part with blends.
0079_level_grabcad-rana.step Custom part with blends.
0080_misc_part1_grabcad_SOLID_colored.stp Custom colored part with blends.
0081_model_mania_2004-Phase2_colored.stp Custom colored part with blends.
0082_MVE_100-3_AP203.stp Custom part with blends.
0083_nist_ctc_01_asme1_ap242_colored.stp Colored CTC 1 part by NIST.
0084_P10_grabcad-high-koncept_colored.step Custom colored part with circular blends.
0085_pulley_protection_system_grabca-frc484.step Custom part with blends.
0086_ski_part_with_hole.step Colored sheet metal part.
0087_socket_bearing_grabcad.stp Custom part with blends.
0088_spin_secure_grabcad.stp Custom part with blends.
0089_tail_wheel_lg_bracket_grabcad.brep Custom part with blends.
0090_w-storage_grabcad-rana.step Custom part with blends.
0091_wheel_assembly_part.brep Custom part with blends.
0092_nist_ctc_04.brep CTC 4 part by NIST.
0093_azv_clamp.brep Simple sheet metal part.
0094_isolated_blends_test_30.brep Custom part with blends.
0095_custom_blends.brep Flat part with isolated blends.