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Analysis Situs is shipped in the following forms:

  1. Analysis Situs App: the desktop application, CLI and server backend. This application is the full-featured version of Analysis Situs and the flagship product out here.
  2. Analysis Situs SDK: the software development kit provided in two variations. One package is a collection of pure algorithms. Another package is a full-featured rapid application development framework. The SDK packages allow us building up custom software packages reusing the core of Analysis Situs, including its algorithms and, optionally, its data model, visualization techniques and UI blocks.
  3. Analysis Situs Extensions SDK: the collection of commercial add-ons and algorithms aimed at solving specific engineering problems. This is how we make living. It's a lot of fun publishing everything in the open-source, but ultimately such a strategy does not generate any cashflow and leads to slow but certain dying of the whole thing. Therefore, some components are licensed commercially.
  4. Analysis Situs Extensions App: the desktop application with all commercial add-ons loaded in. That's basically a test workbench for our commercial add-ons.
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