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Q: Can I use Analysis Situs in my commercial software?
A: Yes, following the 3-clause BSD license terms, commercial use is perfectly allowed.

Q: What is Analysis Situs?
A: It is an open-sourced framework for the development of CAD applications.

Q: Why such an old-schoolish website?
A: This website is delivered (installed) as a part of the application. Since we do not want to deploy any server (such as Tomcat) to run documentation, static HTML pages are our choice.

Q: Do you have any user forum?
A: Hell, yeah: Analysis Situs Forums. You can also check the discussion in the dedicated topic of FreeCAD for some history.

Q: How many users does Analysis Situs have?
A: That's hard to calculate as we do not trace our users back. The software is also a bit specific as it is intended for CAD practitioners, researchers, engineers, and programmers. Some people use it once to solve their particular problem. Some others give Analysis Situs a slot in their daily business, e.g., to heal CAD geometry before numerical simulation. The most advanced use is to employ Analysis Situs as a framework to build up custom CAD applications. That happened several times by the moment I write this (autumn 2020).