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Here we have the list of lessons that are already published or going to be published on our youtube channel. The list is kinda dynamic, and I do not really have any strict plan or schedule of what & when to publish. Since these lessons are entirely community-driven, feel free to share your ideas on the possible topics right below this post.

Done (too late to change...):
  1. Lesson 1: Configure Visual Studio to use OpenCascade
  2. Lesson 2: Bring OpenCascade and VTK together
  3. Lesson 3: Compile OpenCascade with MFC samples
  4. Lesson 4: Use native OpenCascade visualization
  5. Lesson 5: Use OpenCascade from cmake
  6. Lesson 6: OpenCascade in Docker
  7. Lesson 7: OpenCascade in nutshell
  8. Lesson 8: Meet OpenCascade modules
  9. Lesson 9: OpenCascade’s interactive Draw console: build a prismatic block
  10. Lesson 10: First steps in OCAF
TODO (well, just random ideas here; feel free to propose down below):
  1. OCAF (might require a couple of lessons).
  2. Splines in OpenCascade.
  3. Understanding XDE.
  4. Custom DRAW commands (C++ prototyping).
  5. How to organize the non-regression testing system on top of Draw
  6. OpenCascade + Qt widgets
  7. OpenCascade in Python (PythonOCC?)
  8. OpenCascade basic types (smart pointers, geometry, topology)
  9. Modelling API
  10. FreeCAD’s sketcher
  11. FreeCAD modules (
  12. Surface fitting from point clouds (regular, irregular, interp/approx)
  13. Constrained filling of a surface by boundary edges.
  14. Feature recognition with OpenCascade.
  15. Voxelization: ADF, F-rep, octrees.
  16. Use OpenCascade from C# ( )
  17. Set up Jenkins as CI/CD for OpenCascade-based project
  18. Give Coin3D a try?
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The next one is OCAF.

UPDATE: OCAF is started. We now have the 1-st lesson about it.
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