Transformation based on a Gp_Ax3


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Greetings all.

I am sure it's simple but I am having a hard time figuring it out.

Like the title states, I would like to transform an object (text label) in this instance based on a specific Gp_Ax3

what I am trying to do is pretty simple, I want to draw a plane, an have some text next to it.

I can have the text use the same Gp_ax3 has my plane but its really hard to read since it's on center.


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Is my understanding correct that you're looking for a sort of visualization tricks to improve the text's redability?


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@JSlyadne yes

I am thinking that since I know the X,Y size of the plane, I want to move the text by half those .. plus or minus a little bit

but since the plane could be in any direction , how do I accomplish that?