HNY 2022


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Hey everyone. Let me wish everybody who's ever posted any message here tons of success in the coming year. We've just started but I already learned a lot talking to you, guys. Hopefully, you share my excitement about our small community that has already proven to be an efficient "tool" of problem-solving for all of us lurking around here.

One of the lessons I learned working with European guys is that you, guys, don't have such long winter holidays as we do here, locally. Still, I wish you to have some rest to re-energize, spend a good deal of time with your families, and come back with new CAD nuts to crack together.

Stay healthy!


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@Quaoar , I want to thank you again for all the effort that goes into making the youtube videos and also how present you are on this forum.

I hope every one gets wonderful 2022 !