Exporting Voxel Mesh to Abaqus


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Dear all,
Hope you are doing well. I am currently working on simulating the metal additive manufacturing process. And i need to voxalize complex geometries to have a perfect cubic mesh. I need to do this as i am supposed to do a layer addition procedure with the aid of an abaqus user subroutine to update inherent layer stresses. I would like to know if this software is capable of exporting volume CAD files which i could import onto Abaqus CAE. Many thanks in advance for your answers


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Hello @refak69 and welcome to the forum.

Voxelization can be dumped to the VTK unstructured grid (VTU) format as of now. We do not have any specific bridge for Abaqus as nobody asked that before.


To save VTU file, use ddf-dump-vtu command.



> load-step <filename>
> ddf-build-svo
> ddf-dump-vtu 0:2:23:1 <path>/test-voxels.vtu

In this example (and by default), the voxelization is adaptive, i.e., non-uniform. That is intentional as we wanted it to be memory-efficient, hence octree data structure is used as a carrier for voxels. It is possible to switch to a uniform mode, but it has appetite to consume tons of memory when you refine for accuracy.