Does OCCT have suitable tool to get the the intersection between line and BSplineSurface, or only BRepAlgoAPI_Section can use?


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Hi Bros, I'm JianBaoXia,
I usually use BRepAlgoAPI_Section to get the intersection between line and BSplineSurface.
Today, I see package IntAna do the same work for analytic, like an element of gp (Lin,Circ,Elips, Parab,Hypr) .

So, I get a question: is there similarity to get the intersection between line/gp_Ax1 and BSplineSurface.
The BRepAlgoAPI_Section may cost some time when there are many computing objects, so I try to get a more cheap tool. o_O


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@jianbaoxia Everything from BRepAlgoAPI is a Boolean operation. If you can avoid running it, you should do so. Like @Andrey explained, GeomAPI is a good entry point for checking all available functions for geometric primitives. In itself, IntCS will do all necessary checks for special cases, like line-vs-plane, etc, so it's safe to use it.