BREP compatibility issue


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Regarding the BREP compatibility issue mentioned above, here're some additional details.

People who are going to use OpenCascade 7.6 (to be released soon) should anticipate that the new BREP files (*.brep) won't open in the older versions of OpenCascade. Kirill (the architect of OpenCascade) has explained this whole business in his blog here:

Unfortunately, Analysis Situs could not easily migrate to OpenCascade 7.6 (or 7.5) because of many regressions such a switch is going to induce. There's simply no sense in such a migration. At the same time, I want the software to be compatible with FreeCAD and all other tools that could export BREP and could happen to migrate to OpenCascade 7.6 and newer at some point. That's why forking OpenCascade and fixing the upward compatibility issue locally seems to be the only choice we've got for Analysis Situs. Here is the fork:

This fork concerns Analysis Situs only and the SDK around it. All youtube lessons and code samples will keep using the official versions of OpenCascade.