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Hello! First post here- this is a really awesome tool!

I am trying to convert a stp file to gltf using the batch mode. The series of commands looks like this:

load-step "<path>/<filename>.stp"
save-gltf -filename "<path>/<filename>.glb"

When I run these commands from the prompt in the program interface, it works as expected. However, when I run via batch mode using "asiExe.exe /runscript...", the .glb file is created but it is empty. I don't receive errors of any kind when examining the logs. Any tips?


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@mmcl Welcome to the forum. It seems the difference is that there are no triangles when running from CLI as the part is never visualized. That looks like a missing functionality (just opened a ticket for that), to be honest, but what you can do is to work around the whole process using asm-xde set of commands:

asm-xde-load -model M -filename "box-colored.stp"
asm-xde-generate-facets -model M -fine
asm-xde-save-gltf -model M -filename box-colored.glb

Would this make sense?
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