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    Ais color of selected.

    Hello, I was able to change the color of selected object, by using auto highlights = myAISContext->HighlightStyle(); highlights->SetColor(Quantity_NameOfColor::Quantity_NOC_MEDIUMPURPLE3); highlights->SetShadingModel(Graphic3d_TypeOfShadingModel::V3d_PHONG)...
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    Quaoar, thank you!

    I stumbled upon this treasure mine of a website today and I found after browsing for a bit.. totally unrelated to what I was looking for but as a CNC programmer, creating a stock model for a turned part...
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    create a 3d view in a MFC dialog

    Hi, I am trying to add a 3d viewer so can I display some selected model in a dialog, but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.. I recreated a new display connection, graphic driver, viewer, context.. I created a new NT window, but how do I display that in the Dialog? the code runs ok but...
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    Greetings, my name is Jonathan and I am working on a specialized CAM for EDM sinker! I am new to opencascade and C++ (mfc) so it's a lot of fun. I found Quaoar's tutorial and loved his approach and teaching so I signed up for this forum. Thanks!