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  1. JSlyadne

    how to save and load everything in view and to view?

    Hi @eue! You may want to take a look at OCCT's OCAF (application framework) designed for keeping user's data between sessions and undo/redo the changes inside a session. OCAF's capabilities are overviewed here and here. Also more information can be found in the official documentation. In our...
  2. JSlyadne

    Rotation and Translation

    Hi! Could you please elaborate a bit on the case you're working on? Are you interesting in getting how to deal with AIS_Manipulator, or general mechanism? Did you check this thread?
  3. JSlyadne

    EntityOwner is moving at different pace than AIS_Object when dragged?

    I believe Convert() and ConvertWithProj() methods of V3d_View class is what you're looking for: //! Converts the projected point into a point //! in the reference frame of the view corresponding //! to the intersection with the projection plane //! of the eye/view point vector...
  4. JSlyadne

    EntityOwner is moving at different pace than AIS_Object when dragged?

    @eue What is the intention of getting a picked point? Why not just to apply a translation stored in "dragTo" parameter of ProcessDraging(...) method?
  5. JSlyadne

    EntityOwner is moving at different pace than AIS_Object when dragged?

    In OCCT the presentations and the presentations for interactivity such as a pointer moving assuming dynamic highlighting and a pointer clicking assuming selection are built independently. That's why if a form and/or transformation of AIS object is changed, we should also take care about...
  6. JSlyadne

    Lesson4: how to create a section view

    A few additions: A section plane usually means not the same as a clipping plane. The clipping plane cut a model graphically only, at the level of openGl primitives, while the section plane - geometrically. The clipping planes are typically used for review needs, while section planes for...
  7. JSlyadne

    How to write an "annotation"/name to a step entity

    @jianbaoxia, I suppose you mean "datum" objects of ISO standard of STEP format saying about annotations. See,90,534, section 6.5. To force STEP Writer to consider GD&T objects including datum-s, you should set on the...
  8. JSlyadne

    Help for my first animation / simulation in OCCT

    @bioan, I see you are already supported on OCCT official forum, have you tried the recommendations given there? Did it work for you? We would appreciate your feedback on that.
  9. JSlyadne

    Why Analysis siyus can open the STEP file that I'm failed with STEPControl_Reader, is there a better way to load step file workflow.

    Is it kind of a technical issue or non-disclosure? If the first one, it's worth to try to resolve it. To learn on how to deal with the OCCT's API providing import step capabilities you might also want to check out the related episode of Lesson 12, namely this 17:30.
  10. JSlyadne

    2D cam software - start

    @David, I've checked OCCT v760 with Qt 5.12 - works properly, no tweaks required. Something should be wrong with your setup. Let's check one more guess. Go to "Edit the system environment variables" and check the "PATH" variable there and other Qt related variables. Are there any Qt footprints...
  11. JSlyadne

    2D cam software - start

    Use the Qt maintenance tool to download various Qt stuff (binaries, sources, samples, etc.) The link to this tool is given by DanB above. As I can see out of CMake configuration files, OpenCascade supports Qt of versions 4 and 5 for its samples, so you can try out any of them, but, as it was...
  12. JSlyadne

    2D cam software - start

    I'm succeed in building a solution file for OCC v7.6 for VS 2022 and Windows 10 64bit. Let's keep Qt aside for a while since the error happens before Qt engaging. So it's a good sign. However, I never use a source package from the web-site, I use Git for that. Can you try to do the same? Clone...
  13. JSlyadne

    2D cam software - start

    The configuration you mentioned, namely OCCT 7.6.0 in combination with Qt5.12.5, is definitely a working combination. Post more information about the failures you face.
  14. JSlyadne

    2D cam software - start

    First of all, no panic, not stress! Keep trying - no reason to give up, what you're trying to do is possible :-) Apart of motivation... If look inside the "qt.cmake" configuration file (aimed to set up the Qt environment) of OpenCascade, we see this - what makes me think that Qt5 was not...
  15. JSlyadne

    2D cam software - start

    I suppose the samples basing on WPF are a good point to start even you're going to deal with UWP apps, at least the integration of OpenCascade graphical services should be more or less the same. Take a look at CSharp samples inside OpenCascade installation package.
  16. JSlyadne

    2D cam software - start

    If the desktop and Windows are the targets, then I would say there are 2 vendors of GUI framework (exclude imgui as it's not the GUI framework but UI library as far as I know) - Windows and Qt. Qt approaches GUI development with the Widgets and Quick/QML UI packages. The last one is...
  17. JSlyadne

    HLR Mode Get TopoDS_Edges

    Hi! I guess HLRBRep_Algo in couple with HLRBRep_HLRToShape is what you're looking for. Handle(HLRBRep_Algo) hlrAlgo = new HLRBRep_Algo(); hlrAlgo->Add(shape); hlrAlgo->Projector(projector); hlrAlgo->Update(); hlrAlgo->Hide(); //! where //! - Projector to define the point of view //! -...
  18. JSlyadne

    build issue: ActData_CAFConversionCtx.cpp:119:84: error: ‘Message_ProgressSentry::Message_ProgressSentry()

    Did you set the directory pointing to VTK package? If you follow the links posted above you'll find there the libpack containing all the mandatory dependencies, and the instruction how to configurate CMake properly.
  19. JSlyadne

    build issue: ActData_CAFConversionCtx.cpp:119:84: error: ‘Message_ProgressSentry::Message_ProgressSentry()

    It should be you're trying to compile AS with OpenCascade of 7.5+ version (the message indicator was redesigned there), while AS is based on OCCT v7.4.0. You may want to follow this thread ( to get know how to build AS...
  20. JSlyadne

    git clone failed?

    It works perfectly on my end with git version Should be something at your side. Could you elaborate more on your environment?