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    Update TPrsStd_AISPresentation on shape modification

    Hello, After reading and cross reading of the docs on TPrsStd_AISPresentation and associated class, I come to ask for help since I couldn't find an answer to my problem. So currently I have this code that display a Shape (It's python but should be understandable from C++ pov, the "_s" suffix...
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    Find Label by ID OCAF

    Hello, I'm trying to get started with OCAF and I'm not finding a way to get a label from it's ID. I'm talking about ID but it doesn't have an ID method like TDF_Attribute has. Is there a class that acts like a mapping of TDF_Labels with some identifier ? I've looked a bit into TDF classes and...
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    OCCT in QtQuick (QML)

    Hello, By any means did someone managed to create an AIS_Viewer using QtQuick and it's QML file ? I actually don't know QtQuick but it seems quite nice so having an example code would be interesting. It is possible since OpenCascade company is using it for creating app on Android ...