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    Is there any article or notes on OCC coordinate systems?

    second this, so confusing to know/find what coordinate system is what
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    Rotation and Translation

    Sorry for bumping this 1 year old topic, I don't wanna make a new topic for such a small question. This works,but how do i translate it to a different location without loosing it's rotation with this method? EDIT: found it myself, for anyone having issues: // Define your rotation angles and...
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    Only show edges at mesh boundaries

    Hey @natalia First of I appreciate the effort you put into crafting a detailed, well-organized, and well-written response. Thank you. Your input helped me a lot (: Second i currently use the cheap solution, so i'm not visualizing the triangles by using displaymode(1) in the AIS_Shape. The...
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    Only show edges at mesh boundaries

    Hello, first time poster in this forum. Love all the OCCT content Quaoar's puts out. I am using the ASSIMP library to import 3DS files, and the triangulated faces are represented as Poly_Triangulation objects. I am currently displaying these faces as AIS_Shapes. Is there a way to display only...