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    Commands list

    Indeed, it's fixed now. The idea is that these "link" links can be shared between people, so it's easy to refer to one or another function in communication.
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    Commands list

    We now have the full commands list automatically grabbed from the Tcl interpreter and published nightly here:
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    How to using asiData_IVCurve2dNode::GetCONS() and asiData_IVCurve2dNode::SetCONS() ?

    It is as designed. The Part viewer is the 3D viewer for the modeling space, and the Domain viewer is the supplementary viewer for UV and 2D spaces. If you wanna show your 2D curve in the 3D viewer, you have to, mathematically speaking, embed it there. That is, evaluate it w.r.t. the surface...
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    Under what circumstances the STEPControl_Writer.Transfer() will fail or success ?

    Hypothetically, failure might happen for somewhat broken geometry. It should normally work for consistent geometry, even if it's just a single face. You may want to try to repeat your experiment in Draw console and check the shape you're about to export with checkshape command. Also, make sure...
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    PythonOCC getting started guide

    I would start from implementing it in C++ that is more native and then porting to Python using the PythonOCC wrappers. But even for C++, the information provided is not enough to prototype anything. Have you tried XDE?
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    How to set a TCL variable for drawing?

    Do you mean a command to draw some random geometry to the viewer? There's, for example, this "Set as variable" function that creates a drawable primitive, but such primitives normally come out from some other commands, and it's their decision to draw smth or not (e.g., see the make-box command)...
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    How to converts the position of a point in global coordinate system to position in a local coordinate system

    Use the Distance() method of gp_Lin: //! Computes the distance between <me> and the point theP. Standard_Real Distance (const gp_Pnt& theP) const;
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    OpenCascade entities hash code vs an absolute identifier

    Do you mean an identifier for the entire shape and not its subshapes? This would be application-specific. E.g., for OCAF/XDE users such an ID is an entry of the corresponding OCAF label. For your own data model, it can be whatever you want it to be. Are you working with assemblies?
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    Batch Mode File Conversion

    @Andrey_mv developed the missing thing: now generate-facets command can be used without XDE to (re)generate facets for a part, including batch mode of working. Here's how it looks like: It's still being polished, here's the merge request...
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    How do you get the TopoDS_Shape back from MyAisObject in the OCC example?

    If @natalia is lurking somewhere here, she definitely knows the answer :)
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    Exporting Voxel Mesh to Abaqus

    Hello @refak69 and welcome to the forum. Voxelization can be dumped to the VTK unstructured grid (VTU) format as of now. We do not have any specific bridge for Abaqus as nobody asked that before. To save VTU file, use ddf-dump-vtu command. E.g.: > load-step <filename> > ddf-build-svo >...
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    Can Analysis Situs be used to measure 3D objects when a face is selected?

    Select the "Part" Node in the tree and switch to the "Parameters" tab on the right. You should be able to find this "Edges as tubes" shader check box.
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    Can Analysis Situs be used to measure 3D objects when a face is selected?

    Normally I'd recommend you switching to the edges selection mode (Common/Select/Edges), select this internal edge and check what's printed to the logger. But I see that edges are not rendered for you. This usually happens if VTK is not happy about a video driver. You can also try reset this flag...
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    Compilation on Linux

    Are you compiling it on linux? Here's a typical cmake configuration I have for it in a docker container: FROM ubuntu:latest ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive # Installing inotify to listen to file changes RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install inotify-tools # Build tools. RUN apt-get -y...
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    Compilation on Linux

    No idea, honestly :( It will take quite a bit of time to recover this instruction. I don't see in in the trash folder of Google Docs.