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Recognize CNC milling features

The recognition of general CNC features is challenging. In this article, we provide a brief overview of some useful techniques that can help in engineering use cases, such as automating quotation (MaaS) and design for manufacturing (DFM). It is required to match the low-level geometric information encoded in B-rep with some stages of the corresponding manufacturing process in both scenarios.

Front and side faces

It is possible to define the base, and the side milling faces from a machining perspective. A face that is perpendicular or inclined at an angle less than 90 degrees to the tool axis is defined as a base face by [Muniappan, 2012, p.51]. The side faces are those that lie parallel to the tool axis and can be reached by the tool's edge.

In our paper [Malyshev et al, 2017], we rather define base faces as just any faces having inner loops. But let's stick to the Muniappan's formulation as it is manufacturing-wise. To avoid ambiguity, we redefine such faces as "front" ones.